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Bring A Map – Programme
Bring a map. We all do it. We all use it. Mapping. they are made because they look good. they (...)
Exhibition and Launch of URBAN ACT within the framework of Agency
Exhibition and Launch of URBAN ACT within the framework of Agency, the 5th AHRA international (...)
Online tool set up
Platform on the web After our discussion about the tools for collective work and the (...)
Programme proposal Cartography workshop
Here is our proposal for a work meeting in Brussels. After our last meeting, we thought that (...)
Workshop outline
Towards a subjective and collective cartography. Have a look at the programme of Euromaps: (...)

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Working session biopolitics data base interstices Workshop


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cartography collective platform community diagrammes extra-disciplinarity informality interstices local media micropolitics networked practice self-management sociopolitics translocal urban-tactics