workshop 6 - Paris - 14-16 / 09/ 2007

What is a ‘collective platform’ and how can it operate? What dynamics could be created in order to allow sharing experience and collaboration? What constitutes alternative research on the city? What are the new ways of urban action, who and how to initiate them? Are they temporary or lasting? Instead of being only critical, resistant, ‘oppositional’, could they also propose to construct, fabricate while radically interrogating the laws, rules, procedures, politics, models and modes of working and living in the city?

We invite you to participate in a conclusive session of the European Platform for Alternative Action and Research on the City (PEPRAV). The project has run for a year and arrives now to some conclusive questions. Beside putting together what we have done this year, we are also interested in what could be done in the future: an informal or a more organised network, a loose ‘institute’, a web based presence or …nothing?

FRIDAY 14.09

15h00-18h00 - Organisational matters: budget, deadlines, etc (WORKING SESSION –Atelier aaa)


10h00-13h00 - What it was, what it can be? - platform workshop (WORKING SESSION –Atelier aaa)

topics proposed by participants (PEPRAV partners + invited guests) : shared tools / collective representations / dynamics between differently scaled networks, between informal and organized groups ...

15h30 -19h00

PUBLIC SESSION - 56 Rue St. Blaise, Paris 20e

Apolojnia Susterjic and Meike Schalk (Amsterdam / Stockholm) - two collaborative urban gardening projects discussing new ways for developing public space, participating in city planning, and generating local self-initiative.

Ruth Morrow (Belfast) - "Street-level Pedagogy" : the lessons learned through Space Shuttle and how one can work strategically in a city context - and by that I mean very specifically as an (non-academic) academic - what that context allows or does not allow, the skills one has and the ways/ places and moments that one finds to engage with the transformation of the built environment in a city like Belfast. The methods used are mostly unconventional and done mostly in disguise and of course for that reason they rarely surface in conventional contexts and discussions).

Elisabeth Meyer-Renschhausen / Holger Lauinger / Jochen Becker (Berlin) - ’New Governance of In-Between’ : A critical discussion on the change of urban politics towards more informal and process oriented planning, roping together urban development and selforganized art practices on a cost efficent level. http// garten/

Sreening of documentary film ’Neuland’ by Holger Lauinger


SUNDAY 16.09

10-13h00- Publication (WORKING SESSION - Atelier aaa)


PUBLIC SESSION – 56 rue St. Blaise, Paris 20e

Margit Czenki and Christoph Schaeffer (Hambourg) - Park Fiction and the Institute of Independent Urbanism : maschine machen - lines of flight - and the bureaucratic undermining of such projects and ideas as you proposed them.

Vesna Vukovic (Zagreb) - Urban Festival : Some observations on the difficult relation of art, urbanism and politics, through the UrbanFestival. Since 2001, UrbanFestival deals with a concept of public, especially that of public space, through its thematic focuses, programme selection, but also through its specific, often experimental, organizational schemes. The notion of the city that exists independently of objects and praxes installed therein, as the space that regulates our everyday life, the notion of the city as the expression and means of power and brutal interest of capital, is being replaced with the political viewpoint of the city as a space that is being produced by its citizens over and over again.

Teresa Hoskyns (London) - prACTice, ACTor, ACTtivist : ’Research practice’ is very different to theoretical research because it produces new types of space through action rather than studying existing space. This contribution describes two participatory practices ’taking place’ and ’spaces of politics’ where the research practice methodology produces space through programme, event, discussion and performance.

aaa (Paris) ’Interstitial practices’- the ecology of (bio)political space


19h30 - PARTY (with inhabitants of St. Blaise)

SATURDAY & SUNDAY (56, St. Blaise)

PUBLIC PRESENTATION OF THE PLATFORM (exhibition, discussions, exchange) & GARDENING

Invited participants: Jochen Becker (metroZones, Berlin) , Constant (Brussels), Margit Czenki (Park Fiction, Hambourg), Brian Holmes (Paris), Teresa Hoskyns (London), Laurence Jenard (Recyclart, Brussels), Florian Kossak (Sheffield), Holger Lauinger (Berlin), Nathalie Magnan (Paris), Elisabeth Meyer-Renschhausen (Berlin), Ruth Morrow (Belfast), Peter Mutschler (PS2, Belfast), Anne Querrien (Paris), Apolojnia Susterjic (Amsterdam / Stockholm), Tatjana Schneider (Sheffield), Meike Schalk (Stockholm), Christoph Schaeffer (Park Fiction, Hambourg), Vesna Vukovic ( Blok/ Urban Festival, Zagreb) and aaa(Constantin Petcou, Doina Petrescu, Florence Ralaimongo, Nolwenn Marchand, Benoit Peran) ….

56, St. Blaise -

aaa -


Exhibition and Launch of URBAN ACT within the framework of Agency
Workshop outline
Collaborative on-line tool presentation
«Arts, créativités et banlieue : pratiques interstitielles»
Programme proposal Cartography workshop
Programme Methodologies of Action Research
Programme Methodologies of Action Research
Bring A Map – Programme
Online tool set up

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