Public Lectures on post/colonial mappings within the workshop CartograFie (From/To Europe #4)

Friday, 6th of July, 2007
Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg, KVS
Arduinkaai 7, B 1000 Brussels,

Mapping is a common tool now from arts to political science. Producing maps is an information tool for pictorial division, spacial organisation, social screening or visual support. And it has it’s history. As the workshop ‚CartograFie’ concentrates on the concrete mapping of Brussels under specific topics & tools of presentation, EuroMaps would like to suggest contributions, which discuss the „fashion“ of mapping within the art context and beyond as well as providing „reflexive“ practices. (,

Into EuroMaps
Jochen Becker (metroZones, Berlin) together with Citymined and Constant (Brussels) gives an introduction into the question of post/colonial conditions of mapping within the ongoing series From/To Europe (,

MigMaps : A Virtual Cartography of European Migration Policies Peter Spillmann (artist, Zuerich) speaks about the history of critique on mappings as well as presenting the collaborative MigMap. This web-based project conveys a picture of how and where the production of knowledge is currently taking place in the area of migration – and of who is participating in and has access to it. MigMap investigates how the new forms of supranational governance, which can be observed in the European migration regime, function : How European standards in politics and civil society are implemented. (

The Division of Earth : Berlin „Kongo Konferenz“ and the „Kiepert map“ Dierk Schmidt (artist, Berlin) focuses on the Berlin-Africa „Congo conference“ in 1884/85. This business meeting of the European nations, triggered by the Belgian King Leopold II, divided the african continent in a ruler-like manner and established the „Berlin borders“, which determine the nation states within the African continent until today. „Unlike 19th-century historical painting that offers striking physical poses, this 21st-century form of historical painting explores the abstractions of the diplomats“, so The Brunei Times on Dierk Schmidt’s documenta-exhibition.

Congo Maps : Layered represations Sabine Müller (SMAQ architects, Berlin) researched different maps in the Congo region of Kinshasa/Brazzaville. She multi-layered all the maps she could find – from colonial scetches to Google Earth, from car to hotel maps, and from UN carthography to satellite pictures. The research was part of the project ‚BRAKIN Brazzaville Kinshasa – Visulizing the Visible’, published by Lars Müller Publishers and the Jan van Eyck Academie. (


Presentation of the CartograFie workshop with Laïa, Anne Lise, Benoït Moritz

EuroMaps is organised by Recyclart ( within the Culture 2000 project framework of PEPRAV (Plate-forme Européenne de Pratiques et Recherches Alternatives de la Ville | European Platform for Alternative Practice and Research on the City,


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