Workshop outline

Towards a subjective and collective cartography.

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Nepomuk Bar
171 rue de Laeken
1000 Brussels
(Metro Yser)

Recyclart and Citymined launched CartograFie in 2006, a project aimed at mapping the reapropriation of urban spaces in Brussels. At the same time an archive of urban activism and a reflection about their possible representations by a Citymined and Recyclart asked Speculoos and Constant to work on a possible connection between these different maps and to try and find out how data and findings that occured in the different maps could exchanged between the different ’cartographers’. A first attempt resulted in a ’common map’ published along with the catalogue of maps by the artists. The process of creating a map made out of the different maps (or a common map) triggered important questions for various artists active in the project as well as for the organisers. The idea then arised to see how a software (codename Tresor)could be developped to help the interaction between heterogeneous maps with subjective qualities, with different viewpoints and systems of coordinates. It was clear from the start that this software aimed at exchanging information, connecting creativities and developped first and foremost for artist/activist communities should be developped and released as free software. It was also clear from the start that the specification of this software should emerge from its future users communities. And that a ’common’ language for non-technical people and geeks should be found. That is a first workshop has been organised in Recyclart where artists, activists, theoriticians, amateur cartographers, software developers have met and tried to adjust their concepts and vocabularies. It resulted in a wide array of questions and defined several fields of investigations.

The second workshop to which you are invited today will expand several threads defined during the first session. But first a few words on the structure/organisation.We propose you to work in different groups with distinct objectives and to gather conclusions and findings in the end.

Some groups will work on specific mapping projects. A few of us proposed to work on maps they are developping. To participate in such a group means to collaborate to a project already started or at least defined and to help find/enrich a representation, a concept or/and research the information needed for the realisation of the map.

Examples of proposed maps:
Mapping of the House of Participation in Molenbeek (Brussel)/
Mapping of drug users paths near La Chapelle (Paris) /
Mapping city activism in Brussels.

During the work on these projects we ask the participants to take notes of ideas and needs they meet while working that could be fulfilled by the use of software. The work done during this workshop will also help define and precise needed functionalities for tresor.

Another group will work on collecting/anotating/trying/testing/installing existing open source software for cartographic usage.

Special focus on: installing a map server for Brussels cultural organisations bridge between graphic softwares (inkscape, gimp) and open GIS a data model for a subjective and collaborative location-based information

During the working sessions that will unfold in parallel, we would like to have short interventions of general interests for all the groups. They will be fragmenst of interviews, short presentations about a specific topic or project or quick software demos.

How to participate?

The first way to do it is to select the group for which you have the most affinities and join it. A second possibility is to propose a message of general interest. A third one being to propose a map project of yours and explain what you would expect of a collective working session on it. In any case, please contact us asap.


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