Collaborative on-line tool presentation

Hypothesis :
  1 – publication : special edition work, duplication, extra-space, someone in charge of the central space, common tool to control and to edit ; easier to deal with multilingual and multicultural contents ;
  2 – aggregation ; common format, automatic conversion & building, same structure, common decision of format for coherent aggregation, strong agreement in the format ; to establish common standards ; technical work to convert existing content to an other standard ; problem : to find matching categories ; field in multi-lingual entries ; you need an intermediary language to be able to aggregate ;
  3 – discovery : discover the not pre-planned content, link to all site, live connection, the border of your domain is different (your content is yours), an other feeling to be in your proper site (more dynamic), feel to be in a dynamic between different web sites, comparative use, “differential identity”, RSS automatically network by keywords (determined by the decision from who you pull sources, selection of sources by trust, no moderation, the common visibility depend of the quality of the majority participation ; distributed content determined before by a web-blog to defined interested issues – tagged content, subscription to tag, key words and after, the key words defined the connections-)


Exhibition and Launch of URBAN ACT within the framework of Agency
workshop 6 - Paris - 14-16 / 09/ 2007
Workshop outline
«Arts, créativités et banlieue : pratiques interstitielles»
Programme proposal Cartography workshop
Programme Methodologies of Action Research
Programme Methodologies of Action Research
Bring A Map – Programme
Online tool set up

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