Programme proposal Cartography workshop

Here is our proposal for a work meeting in Brussels.

After our last meeting, we thought that it would be good, in the context of the Peprav network, to try and work together rather than just having interesting presentations. Quite a few of us are busy in a way or another with making maps. Be it to develop subjective visions of the city, to assert political positions or to archive projects. We thought it would be interesting to take some time to work together and see how we could exchange from our different perspectives with map making and map reading.

In our mind, it is important that this worksession let us engage enthusiastically in practical work and experiment more than in discourse.

To encourage practical work, we thought it would prefer to use the time we have together to work on projects that peprav members are busy developping: ie. the Tresor software, a tool for collective subjective cartography, or maps that are being drawn. Or proposals for functionalities ie. tools to find intersections and common data between maps (a request by CityMined). This list is STILL OPEN and, as there will be a second part of this workshop end of June, we can add new requests/proposals. We know we are a bit late, but if you want to work on one of your project that involves mapping in the context of this first session, please let us know.


We propose to work in small groups on these different projects and have time to share our discoveries, questions, conclusions. We have contacted people with different skills who will circulate between the different groups and share their expertise. They are cartographers, computer scientists, artists, graphic designers and map enthusiasts. (the list of names will follow)

A specific workgroup will be dedicated to the testing and installation of existing open source map servers. The idea being to install a map server infrastructure for Brussels cultural organisations.

The workshop will be semi-public. The participants from outside of the Peprav network are welcome but the emphasis is put on the work done together.

As participant of the workshop, you are invited to the conference A.I.R. Extension #07 to be held in Recyclart

Time table (revised 14/05/2007):

Platform Workshop in Brussels on 17-18-19 May

17 may

20.00 - Bar Recyclart

The Brussels institute of architecture conference series . Ronny Heiremans / Katleen Vermeer A.I.R. Extension #07 "Rather than working with visuals and preparatory models relating to the space we live and work in, we suggest a representation of our domestic space through a live telephone conversation in wich one of the parties would find him/herself in the space, while the other party would mediate the conversation of the audience." see on recyclart website for more info

18 may

10.00-12.00 - Bar and studio Recyclart

meeting with graphic designers for the publication (Constantin, Doina, Femke, Harrisson, Pierre & Nicolas)


- Presentation to the workshop, expected outcomes, methods, who participates, by the local organisers...
- Presentation of existing interfaces for cartographic software, by Nicolas and Pierre
- Presentation of existing maps, by Veronique
- What is an interface? by Femke Snelting


Collective work about mapping: how to connect different maps? Using maps of different natures the participants will try to connect them. All techniques are welcome: glue, scissors and paper or software. Some participants will concentrate on making the connections. Others will try and see which tools could help in the process. A specific group will investigate the available map servers available under an open source license.


The different groups discuss collectively their findings and discuss the organisation of the next day.


Let’s eat together

19 may

10.00 - 13.00

Group work, part 2.

14.00 - 16.00

Gathering of the results

16 - 18.00

What’s next and how to work remotely? What to do in June?

The workshop will take place in Recyclart. Contact and info: *Laurence JENARD* *RECYCLART asbl/ vzw* Gare Bruxelles-Chapelle // Rue des Ursulines 25 Station Brussel-Kapellekerk // Ursulinenstraat 25 Bruxelles 1000 Brussel T +32 2 502 57 34 // F +32 2 502 64 03 //


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