Programme Methodologies of Action Research

European Platform for Alternative Practice and Research on the City PEPRAV # 3 – Paris, 16-19 March 2007

The third workshop of PEPRAV (Plate-forme Européenne des Pratiques et des Recherches Alternatives sur la Ville) is organised by aaa in Paris within the framework of the research-action project ‘Temporary Urban Interstices’

PEPRAV is a partnership between aaa (Paris), Recyclart (Bruxelles), University of Sheffield (UK) et Metrozones (Berlin). The project proposes a fieldwork situated within heterogenous urban dynamics (issues concerning the new populations in Europe, emerging urban cultures, in-between-usages, local cultural and social phenomena, collective forms of appropriation of the urban realm etc.) and, at the same time, a theoretical reflection on new tools for analysing and understanding urban change.

Temporary Urban Interstices’ is a research-action project conducted by RDS and ISCRA Rhône in collaboration with aaa and artists Kobe Matthys and François Deck. The interstices are taking spatial, temporal and situational forms which are resistant to norms and rules, to homogeneisation and appropriation in the city. They represent the reserve of disponibility of a city. Their uncertainity and provisional condition allows the existence of processes of urban production which are open, collaborative, reactive and transversal. Our research action project proposes ways of identification, analysis and experimentation with these processes in La Chapelle area in the North of Paris.

During this cross project workshop in Paris, we continue the discussion on methodologies of representation and analysis (cartographies, diagrams, archives etc) within interstitial contexts How to record participation in a collaborative project ? How to map urban fights ? How to document ‘resistance’?

A second debate will focus on research-action methodologies, with an emphasis on feminist approaches. Questions of self-support initiatives, participative research, use of open source media, poetic politics of knowledge will be addressed.

aaa and the Platform participants will prepare an intervention in the seminary ‘Devenir Banlieu‘ at Collège International de Philosophie which will focus on aaa’s work and other experiences that could be called ‘interstitial practices’.


Friday 16

PEPRAV (partners) 18h30 : welcome, discussion (1), strategy and organisation of future workshops / events etc.

Saturday 17

10h-13h30 : PEPRAV internal workshop (partners and invited guests) methodologies of representation and analysis (diagrams, data base…) : aaa - Mapping collaboration // Tatjana Schneider, Doina Petrescu - Mapping jam session // Anne-Lise Dehée- Mapping ‘le bas seuil’ // Trad. BH, DP

15h30-17h: PEPRAV / Temporary Urban Interstices (partners and invited guests) presentation by Stéphanie Régnier : Cartography of urban fights in Brussels // Trad. EW

18h00-20h30 : PEPRAV / Temporary Urban Interstices (public) Bourdieu et la Banlieue projection-debate moderated by Remember resistance, Berlin (Jochen Becker, Julien Enoka-Ayemba, Brigitta Kuster, Sonja Hohenbild) // Trad JEA, SH, EW

Sunday 18

10h-13h30 : PEPRAV internal workshop (partners and invited guests) alternative methodologies of action-research, feminist practices, etc… : Constant (Laurence Rassel, Femke Snelting, Nicolas Malevé),: From the Cyberfeminist working days in 2000 to Saturdays workshops on Women and open source software // A Longue Durée : ‘Femmes, le territoire, les réalités’ Présentation de la notion d’autosupport et d’outreach. Discussion autour d’une cartographie et icono des lieux d’accueil des toxicomanes sur le territoire du 18° arrondissement en présence de Anne-Lise Dehée et Anne Coppel, sociologue. // Constantin Petcou, Doina Petrescu: Participation contradictions; what is the role of the researcher activist? // trad. EW

14h30-15h30 : PEPRAV discussion (2) (partners) organisation of future workshops (Bruxelles et Berlin)

16h30-18h: PEPRAV / Temporary Urban Interstices (public) Womens, their territories, their realities - dérive psychogéographique d’actrices-militantes : intervention de Anne-Lise Dehée et de Malika Tagounit (fondatrice de la Boutique Femmes Charonne et responsable du dispositif de Réduction de Risques, accueil inconditionnel et travail de rue sur le secteur des gares de l’Est et du Nord - Coeur des Haltes). Lieu de rdv : jardin ECObox, 33 rue Pajol, Paris 18e

18h30-19h30 : PEPRAV / Temporary Urban Interstices (public) presentation by Stéphanie Régnier : Syndicat d’Initiatives // trad. EW

Monday 19

10h-13h30: PEPRAV workshop (partners and invited guests) on-line collective tools : test and tutorial for the draft website realised by Constant // trad. EW, Constant

15h30-17h : PEPRAV discussion (3) (partners) conclusions, strategy and organisation of future workshops / events etc.

20h – 22h : Invitation for participation in the seminary coordinated by Toni Negri “Devenir-Banlieue“ at College International de Philosophie: Doina Petrescu, Constantin Petcou, Brian Holmes, Rossella Moneta and participants to PEPRAV (as invited guests). Provisional Topic : Interstitial practices // trad. F-E (?)

Partners and Collaborators: Laurence Jenard (Recyclart/ Bruxelles), Tatjana Schneider (University of Sheffield), Florian Kossak (University of Sheffield), Emma Williams (University of Sheffield), Jochen Becker (Berlin), Laurence Rassel (Constant/ Bruxelles), Femke Snelting (Constant/ Bruxelles), Nicolas Malevé (Constant/ Bruxelles), Constantin Petcou (aaa/Paris), Doina Petrescu (aaa Paris/ University of Sheffield), Florence Ralaimongo (aaa/Paris), Sandra Pauquet (aaa/Paris), Elise Picon (aaa/Paris), Jeremy Tartour (aaa/Paris)

Invited guests: (who have confirmed but still open lists): Anne Querrien, Pascal Nicolas-Le Strat, Anne Lise Dehée, Anne Coppel, Brian Holmes, Nathalie Magnan, Patrick Dieuaide, Stéphanie Régnier, Julien Enoka-Ayemba, Brigitta Kuster, Sonja Hohenbild, …

Venues: The internal workshops will take place at aaa - 72bis, Rue Philippe de Girard 75018 - tel. 0153267220

the public moments will take place in the area in places to be confirmed


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Programme Methodologies of Action Research
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