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Bring a map.

We all do it. We all use it. Mapping. they are made because they look good. they are made because they mean something. They are made because everyone is doing them. Mapping is used as a tool by architectural students, teachers and researches. Maps of all kinds, intentions or forms are produced during the development process of the architectural project. they are presented to underline, justify or promote an architectural strategy or proposition. But what actually constitutes a map? What kind of tool is the map? how is it applied in the production of architecture? Bring one (or more) of your maps and pin it up. Bring a short question with your map to provoke some comments and start a jam. You have 3 minutes! jam session 1. an informal gathering of architects improvising together 2. a period of time spent making improvised architecture as practice, for fun, or to experiment with new techniques

map (noun) 1. a visual representation that shows all or part of the Earth’s surface with geographic features, urban areas, roads, and other details 2. a representation of the stars or the surface of a planet, usually in the form of a diagrammatical drawing 3. a diagrammatical drawing of something such as a route or area made to show the location of a place or how to get there map

(verb) 1. to represent a geographic or other defined area on a map 2. to discover something and create a visual representation of it 3. to determine and record the sequence of encoded information on a gene or chromosome 4. to assign an element in one set to an element in another through a mathematical correspondence

map·ping 1. the act or process of making maps


Exhibition and Launch of URBAN ACT within the framework of Agency
workshop 6 - Paris - 14-16 / 09/ 2007
Workshop outline
Collaborative on-line tool presentation
«Arts, créativités et banlieue : pratiques interstitielles»
Programme proposal Cartography workshop
Programme Methodologies of Action Research
Programme Methodologies of Action Research
Online tool set up

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