Online tool set up

Platform on the web
After our discussion about the tools for collective work and the presentation by Nicolas and Femke of the different principles for a common webpage for the Platform, (see minutes in attachment) we had a meeting with Nicolas in Brussels to start testing the first tools for the platform on line.

Conclusions :
The idea was that instead of imposing a structure that won’t work and it is too sophisticated, we start by testing very simple devices.

We have put together a mailing list to communicate between us more efficiently. Please those that don’t want to be on it let us know.

Nicolas and Femke have set up a SPIP which gives us the possibility to communicate internally and start to publish together working materials.
- To write please go to :
- To visit (rough template...) :
- In order to establish better categories, we need a list of topics/ key words that will define your practice and the aspects of work that you want to connect with the Platform.

Examples :
Micro-politics, urban-tactics, local media, self-management, cartography, networked practice, self-management, extra-disciplinarity, etc…

We should also keep in mind the main questions : What we want the site to do in the future ? To whom it is addressed ? How do we want it to grow ?


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