Presentation of PEPRAV project: Key words: action-network, exchange projects, open network, collective tools, individuality of involvement, shared platform, collaborative workshops, local projects, test period

People: Véronique (CityMined), Nicolas (Constant: feminism, copyleft, platforms), Femke (Constant: edition, Dehuysen), Nathalie (feminism, new media, net-time), Florian (Sheffield University, Glasgow group), Jochen (critic & curator, European cities, relation to government-self, colonialism), Doina (aaa / Sheffield, participation, feminism, politics & poetics of space), Elise (archive aaa, video film-maker), Constantin (aaa, architect & semiotic, trans-local, politic of space, territoriality), Jeremie (student architecture, media, web aaa), Anne-Lise (artist, group of women’s), Florence (aaa, mediation habitants & administration), Sandra (aaa, empty spaces, Berlin)

Collaborative on-line tool presentation: collaborative platform, different groups, different languages, different uses, time & money for medias, network of people working together,

  1 – publication: special edition work, duplication, extra-space, someone in charge of the central space, common tool to control and to edit; easier to deal with multilingual and multicultural contents;
  2 – aggregation; common format, automatic conversion & building, same structure, common decision of format for coherent aggregation, strong agreement in the format; to establish common standards; technical work to convert existing content to an other standard; problem: to find matching categories; field in multi-lingual entries; you need an intermediary language to be able to aggregate;
  3 – discovery: discover the not pre-planned content, link to all site, live connection, the border of your domain is different (your content is yours), an other feeling to be in your proper site (more dynamic), feel to be in a dynamic between different web sites, comparative use, “differential identity”, RSS automatically network by keywords (determined by the decision from who you pull sources, selection of sources by trust, no moderation, the common visibility depend of the quality of the majority participation; distributed content determined before by a web-blog to defined interested issues – tagged content, subscription to tag, key words and after, the key words defined the connections-) ?; security problems with RSS , connection decided, after the common decisions it is no moderation, mutual aggregation?; the less pre-agreements; to learn from what is there; less preconception; experiment with parameters, mapping, visualization (cluster made with words and structure of information – folders, positions – and not semantic); difficulty for translations; more easy to maintain the centralisated web part; easy to be maintained but “dangerous“ to create conditions in which people don’t need to communicate…; the power and extreme danger: neutral

Discussion: strong agreement in the format, common skills to categorise the content, to deal the access, etc. controlled or not, moderated or not common skills to moderate the access

a list of key words to be used (more or less) in a common basis (to be able to cross the resources)

texts data base > words list possible to be edited (big rate of occurrence = not significant)

statistics to be able to index the content

what kind of information everyone wants to put inside

recurrent keywords produce a collective taxonomy (selection of real/obvious key words); create a image of relations between contents;

possibility to combine the 3 models (a lot of work to find the rules and to re-define)

automatically limitation of the connection process discovering the meaning by indexation

important to define what is needed to be shared, practically, in the platform; what kind of experiment

“responsibility“ to participate in the platform; I take responsibility to do things in the platform; the intention is not to create a complete automatic device; but to define rules, similarities, concordances, “what is gathered“; every device needs a part of edition, nothing is completely automatic;

what you want to learn in the process?

Its interesting to develop critical systems…; what data means for a lot of people…;

In terms of specificity of our project; discussion of critical ways to publish work on the web (using the web); PEPRAV: plus the relation with the reality, processes to take place, how this is shared, not only mapping relationships, decisions about what to be shared,

Discovery: very good to find information and to communicate but to try to really work together is different (agendas, collective tools, actual projects, possible partnerships,


Publication web site is, in a way, a group-ware

Learn SMARTY syntax; CMS work with PHP; the template is idiomatic

Open/close web page

SPIP: create a private part for collaborators where it is easy to create DHTML pages; the public part is similar with HTML pages; ready to be published;

Content management system

To manage just 2 web parts (owner ones) and to be able to produce the common-automatic part (publishing things for go out);

Public / network space to share projects, partnerships

What do you mean by collaboration (in concrete terms)? Closed (past) information / open (future) information to be shared for different work process

Actual and futures topics, work moments & collaborations; long process projects; Groupware; basic work ground; a tool for non-continuous involvement, large and multiple scales (IRC Chat);

A political position to act at a large scale from an alternative strategy and position, visibility

Taking energy

Move from physical space, to printing and virtual space

It is difficult to perceive the dynamic of others parts of a network; mailing list? Multiplicity of local dynamics and not permanent mutual collaboration situations;

What is possible, how to continue? How to organize ourselves

Interesting in an approach in the working process of a group, that gets maximum visibility, what can you do with that? To find formulations about what your web presence wants to be.


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