À travers une géométrie rhizomatique, la Plate-forme Européenne de Pratiques et Recherches Alternatives de la Ville, projet de réseau-action basé sur des principes d’autonomie, d’échange et de complémentarité, devrait assurer la possibilité d’agir à différentes échelles spatiales et temporelles, permettant ainsi une transversalité institutionnelle et un ancrage territorial renforcés par des contacts avec des acteurs et des réseaux locaux multiples, par des échanges d’expériences et de méthodologies d’action.



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keywords : Aucun mot-clé n'est lié à cet article.
TRANS-LOCAL-ACT: CULTURAL PRACTICES WITHIN AND ACROSS a book edited by Doina Petrescu, Constantin Petcou, Nishat Awan which brings together a series of reflections and (...) more...
What Makes A Biopolitical Place ? mars 2008
keywords : biopolitics micropolitics urban-tactics
What Makes A Biopolitical Place ? A Discussion with Toni Negri , Constantin Petcou, Doina Petrescu, Anne Querrien, Paris - September 17, 2007 Toni Negri : I don’t know if (...) more...
How to make a community as well as the space for it juin 2007
keywords : community sociopolitics
Questions around the term ‘community’ in socio-politics, overlap with those surrounding the notion of ‘public’ in art and architecture. Like ‘community’, ‘public’ is a generic (...) more...


Exhibition and Launch of URBAN ACT within the framework of Agency March 2009
keywords : Sheffield Working session collective platform

Exhibition and Launch of URBAN ACT within the framework of Agency, the 5th AHRA international conference at the University of Sheffield which addressed social and political (...) more...

workshop 6 - Paris - 14-16 / 09/ 2007 August 2007
keywords : Paris collective platform informality urban-tactics Workshop What is a ‘collective platform’ and how can it operate? What dynamics could be created in order to allow sharing experience and collaboration? What constitutes alternative (...) more...

Euromaps juin 2007
keywords : Bruxelles Workshop Public Lectures on post/colonial mappings within the workshop CartograFie (From/To Europe #4) Friday, 6th of July, 2007 18.30-21.30 Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg, KVS (...) more...

Workshop outline June 2007
keywords : Brussels Working session cartography Towards a subjective and collective cartography. Have a look at the programme of Euromaps: here Dates: 05-06/07/2007 10h-19h00 Where: Nepomuk Bar 171 rue de Laeken (...) more...

Collaborative on-line tool presentation juin 2007
keywords : Paris networked practice Workshop

collaborative platform, different groups, different languages, different uses, time & money for medias, network of people working together
Hypothesis : 1 – publication : special edition work, duplication, extra-space, someone in charge of the central space, common tool to control and to edit ; easier to deal (...) more...

«Arts, créativités et banlieue : pratiques interstitielles» June 2007
keywords : Paris Workshop Preparatory discussion for the intervention in the seminary ’Devenir Banlieue’, CIPh, Paris, 19.03.2007 with Brian Holmes, Constantin Petcou, Doina Petrescu, Jochen Becker, Anne (...)
Issues discussed: the relationships between extradisciplinarity (in contemporary art), political and social transformation, alternative practices and changes in the (...) more...

Programme proposal Cartography workshop May 2007
keywords : Brussels Working session cartography Here is our proposal for a work meeting in Brussels. After our last meeting, we thought that it would be good, in the context of the Peprav network, to try and work together (...) more...

Programme Methodologies of Action Research April 2007
keywords : Paris Workshop European Platform for Alternative Practice and Research on the City PEPRAV # 3 – Paris, 16-19 March 2007 The third workshop of PEPRAV (Plate-forme Européenne des Pratiques et (...) more...

Programme Methodologies of Action Research mars 2007
keywords : Paris Workshop Le troisième workshop PEPRAV (Plate-forme Européenne des Pratiques et des Recherches Alternatives sur la Ville) sera organise à Paris par aaa, en relation avec le projet de (...) more...

Bring A Map – Programme March 2007
keywords : Sheffield Working session cartography The Architectural JAM Sessions Series provides the framework to informally present and discuss questions and issues surrounding critical representation, research and action. (...)
Bring a map. We all do it. We all use it. Mapping. they are made because they look good. they are made because they mean something. They are made because everyone is doing (...) more...

Online tool set up février 2007
keywords : Bruxelles Session de travail Platform on the web After our discussion about the tools for collective work and the presentation by Nicolas and Femke of the different principles for a common webpage for (...) more...

Summary January 2007
keywords : Paris Presentation of PEPRAV project: Key words: action-network, exchange projects, open network, collective tools, individuality of involvement, shared platform, collaborative (...) more...

Programme janvier 2007
keywords : Aucun mot-clé n'est lié à cet article. The third workshop of PEPRAV in Paris is organised by aaa within the framework of the research-action project ‘Temporary Urban Interstices’ PEPRAV is a partnership between aaa (...)
Timetable Friday 16 Platform organisation (partners) 18h30 : welcome, discussion (1, organisation of future workshops / events etc. Saturday 17 10h-13h30 : PEPRAV internal (...) more...

Programme October 2006
keywords : Sheffield self-management Workshop Over a period of six weeks from 25 September to 3 November 2006, we used live projects - educational projects in which students of architecture participate in ’real’ design (...)
Programme: Monday 23 October 2006 18.00 Yellow Talks in the IYO office, Arts Tower floor 17 University of Sheffield, Inconspicuous Yellow Office G.L.A.S., Florian Kossak (...) more...


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live project

final presentation - negotiating accrington - Sheffield Platform hit list - Working On Tapton: ‘Alternative Consultation’ - Weston Park Cancer Research Information Centre - South Yorkshire National Park Live Project (ii) (SYNP) - Hunters Bar Infant School - what is alternative practice trying to achieve? - Can the roles for participants involved in a live-project ever be changed? - Re-Launch 121006 -